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BMFP’s high energy and psychedelic live performance will make you shake your booty. 


On the surface the music can be described as electronic dance rock, though the fusion of their sounds form a unique blend of progressive pop, synth-pop, industrial, boogie, electro funk and nuances of disco. You may feel tinges of Daft Punk, MGMT, Gary Numan & NIN. 


BMFP derives inspiration for their project from the “Father of Disco” Giorgio Moroder as well as a true legend Nile Rodgers.


Tried & true, BMFP’s sounds are impressively bringing live music performance to the dance club & dance back to the rock venue.


As a nationally recognized touring act, BMFP is currently performing live in the Southern regions of the USA while recording their brand new album in the mountains north of Atlanta. 


BMFP is the Shape of Dance to Come.

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