Black Magic Flower Power's live performance will make you shake your ass. You may feel tinges of Beck, The Killers, MGMT and Daft Punk. The sound is a unique blend of Boogie/Pop, Rock, Psychedelic, Funk and Electro. They are currently recording in Northern Georgia. This is the shape of dance to come.

"Shit’s getting funky in America, or so these psychedelic, fiercely groovy dudes would have us believe. Previously described as “stoner-disco” and “desert-boogie”, Black Magic Flower Power could almost be some sort of hidden spin-off of the George Clinton empire, though the kaleidoscopic desert vibes create a twist in proceedings."


"The band was powerful, along with aspects of different effects into their sound, innovative and full fierce riffs in the guitar work, and the singing was on point with the atmosphere and venue in filled with the crowd."


CVW: Tell me the hypothesis behind Black Magic Flower Power.

Jeffery: “It happened naturally. I began to write differently and it made a lot of sense to start fresh. What I’m doing now is kinda like Stoner Disco. There’s a lot of influences in it, you can still hear the psychedelic, but I think it’s desert, it’s all kinda mashed together, I’m using tons of funk elements, dance elements and pop melodies. Its Boogie Rock man. It’s very dancy. I did a show with House of Broken Promises in Vegas and they related what we were doing to Brant’s music, even though I think it’s a little more dancy. It’s like Brant Bjork and the Operators but a little more disco. Over the last 30 years of music, I’ve been growing into this. It’s all connected. It was so natural when I just started writing in this vibe. This is what I’ve been looking for. And when you study old funk, the underground funk scene, from the late 60’s the early 70’s, it is very reminiscent of the whole underground stoner rock scene that happened; it was hippy, psychedelic, just people that like to have a good time.”

- Coachella Valley Weekly